Glee PSD #261
A psd for the outdoor scenes in 5x14 although should
work on every other outdoor nyc scene too.
Adjust brightness/contrast.
(Contains vibrance)
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Glee PSD #260
Works on all scenes from 5x12 and 5x13
Adjust curves, brightness and vibrance

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Glee PSD #259
Should work on all NYADA scenes
Note: adjust brightness/contrast layers and possibly color balance layer

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Glee-psd #258
requested for competitions
each scene has different lights and colors so adjust the curves and brightness layers accordingly
(easily adjustable, so it should work on other glee scenes)
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Glee PSD #257
Should work on every season five scene.
Contains Vibrance.
(note:adjust the layers named ‘adjust’)
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Anonymous asked: Why aren't you guys posting much anymore :(

Because glee has been on hiatus since like halfway through december :( but it comes back in 10 days I think?? So we’ll post more then :)

Just finished re-tagging the whole blog! It should be alot easier to find things now :) xx

Glee PSD #256
A psd that works on every season three scene.
Contains Vibrance and a Black and White layer.
(note: i just adjusted the opacity of the different layers depending on the scene)
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Glee PSD #255
Request for a Finn psd that works on every season
Adjust the brightness layer/contrast, vibrance and color balance

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glee-psd #254
request for the performance “Sing” in Comeback
adjust curves and brightness
(contains vibrance and saturation layers)

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